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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The Chopper by Georgina Hannan - BLOG TOUR

Title: The
Georgina Hannan
Genre: YA,
Paranormal Horror


Ghosts are scary when it’s dark and fun when it’s Halloween
but what about when they’re free?
Four young friends try their hands at summoning a ghost or
two. But when things turn a little scarier than they expected they panic and
let them free.
How do you stop a free ghost who is called by the use a
common children’s game?
How do you stop a ghost with the ability to move modern day

How do you stop a ghost with a murderous personality?
The four friends must find a way to right what they’ve done
but can they do it before someone dear to them pays the price?




I live with my partner and mischievous cat on the sunny south
coast of England.

I have always had a vivid imagination and have been writing
since I was thirteen years old.

I am now a self-published author of the Cursed Trilogy and
I’m also a Manager for an IT Company.

I have always had a passion for writing, however my pursuit
began after a story assignment during school. I completed my first story when I
was fourteen and after lending it to friends I received good feedback. However
at the time I wrote only in notebooks and on paper and as a result that copy
was lost. This story has been rewritten and is my ‘It’s Complicated’ title
listed below.
My inspirations and imagination surprises even myself
sometimes when story ideas fly in from every direction. I definitely have a lot
of books coming your way in the future.

I love to hear from readers so please do get in touch.

Happy Reading!


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