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About Us!

This is a Blog Chat. Hosted by Authors

We chat, we blog and we promote ourselves and other Authors. You want the hottest and latest books around; you’ll find it here!

A little over a year now, Ellie started up what is called; Author2Author Blog Chat. It was a way of her staying in contact with Indie Authors like herself. And to also help out those who were struggling; also like herself. Lol

Ellie, figured if she helped them they’d help her, right?

Well, this certainly is still the case.
After a month her good friends and fellow Author’s; Georgina Hannan, Lavinia Urban & Katie Mayo-Jackson wanted in on the action too, and so they became… ‘The Author 2 Author Blog Chat Hosts’.

And now, after a year, we welcome our newest member of the Author2AuthorBC team; Louise Evans. Our very own Read and Review specialist!

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