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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

V.L King Cover Reveal and Pre-Order

Author V.L King
 (AKA V.L Brock.)

Victoria Brock was born in South Wales, UK on 14th February 1989.

Raised in a lone-parent family, her grandmother was the second biggest influence in her life, and her passion for writing stems from that exceptionally tight bond.

Her debut erotic/contemporary romance novel, Impulses, is just the first steppingstone of a journey she is eager to travel, to make a dream a reality.

“I suppose my life could be described as a romance novel itself. Life has many twists and turns, many forks in the road, and numerous bumps. But we learn and we grow.
I am a firm believer in, 'your life is what you make it', And I am grateful for the two important people in my life that taught me that approach. May they be watching me now.

I married my childhood sweetheart, and had he gifted me with a son...everything has a Happy Ever After, you just need to believe in it.

Yes, I ramble, and at times it is a challenge to shut me up.

Apart from the obvious duties in life, writing is the only thing that I can sit and concentrate on without contemplating all the other things I should/could be doing. If I'm not writing...I'm thinking about writing, usually with a coffee in my hand.

I always start the day with a coffee, and a motivational quote. It really does help.”

 Other Books to look out for by this Author

Title: Do You Remember? : A Sweethearts Novella
Author: V.L. KING
Genre: Military Romance/Romantic Suspense.
Release Date: 24 May 2016
Goodreads TBR


When you can't find the words to say, write them down instead...that's something that you always told me, something that saved me from my own thoughts on more than one occasion during our years together.
You were the geeky guy...the guy who didn't just sweep me off my feet on the first day we met, but the guy who stole my heart, too.
Now the day I always thought of is here before me and I can't find the words to say, so I'll do what you told me to and write from my heart.
Wyatt Epson, do you remember...?
☆☆PRE-ORDER NOW FOR 99cents/99p☆☆
Amazon US:

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Valerie Savage Kinney's Slither Review

Valarie Savage Kinney.

As Quoted on Amazon Author Page:
       Valarie Kinney is a writer, fiber artist and Renaissance Festival junkie with a wicked caffeine addiction.
       She resides in Michigan with her husband, four children, and two insane little dogs.
       She is the author of Heckled, Slither and Just Hold On, as well as the short stories Copper and Ailith in the KAPOW!
       Anthologies by 7Ds Books.
       Narrator for Dragons of Faith.

Places you can find her:

Blurb:We're often told tales of the underworlds to feed the darkest corners of our nightmares. We tuck them away with the sunlight and laugh away the fear our minds created. But the daylight offers no relief for Zari. She's hidden her waking nightmare as nothing more than a damaged past. The venom of her secrets consumes her, as well as those she cares for most. Emmett, the love of her life and the only one with a past dark enough to respect her space, becomes a pawn in the war against the demonic force which is her bloodright. Can Zari overpower those out to get her to feed on the innocent? Can she save Emmett from the evil of Slither?

My Review...
** Spoiler Alert ** 

Zari and Emmet, such a beautiful couple, have love for each other like every wants, everyone adores. But of course, not everything is as it seems. Neither had the best of starts to life until they found each other, it made them stronger as a couple. Or did it?

They are thrown a few curve-balls that they handle greatly, but will Zari telling the truth about her past really make their world better, their relationship stronger? Does it hell!!
Zari, not your normal girl next door. Although she might look normal, it's what's inside her that truly separates her from the norm. And I don't mean the baby, although what will that look like when it’s born??

And poor Emmet, drop dead gorgeous Professor, adored silently by many, even Jessa, Zari's best mate. He holds his own dark past beneath and on the skin of his back, weighing him down and out for the count. After he faces what he's been through with his junkie mother and her abusive boyfriend, he's all too weak to deal with Zari and her past, let alone the future with them and their ever growing child.

I can categorically say that this book is a 5 star.
I don't normally give 100% on books unless called for it. There are always minors and in many ways major discrepancies with the writing as well as the plot/ storyline deterioration. Sometimes things are not consistent, and it's easy to do.

However, not in this case.

Valerie's style, scholarly, and story layouts flow and compliment the nature of the story being told; it makes it feel all the more real. You get involved, and she keeps you involved, holding you at every corner. There's no over abundance of love, danger and filler. It is healthy and I found I learned quite a bit from this story in a number of ways. I felt this books was a lovely add to my collection, one in which I'm excited to re-read or continue the story.
I would hope Zari and Emmet would have a lot more happier times in the next instalment, but something tells me this I was only the beginning for what's install for them two.


Places you'll find your copy: 

Go get your copy NOW!!

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Thim Elzi-Dell-Willz : Georgina Hannan - Cover Reveal: The Chopper

Author, Georgina Hannan

Author of such titles as: Cursed Series, It’s Complicated, Another Life, and Serial Dater.

Today’s cover reveal…
Title: The Chopper
Release Date: TBC
Ghosts are scary when it's dark and fun when it's Halloween but what about when their free? Four young friends try their hands at summoning a ghost or two. But when things turn a little scarier than they expected they panic and let them free. How do you stop a ghost who is called by the use of a common   children's game? How do you stop a free ghost with the ability to move modern day items? How do you stop a ghost with a murderous personality? The four friends must find a way to right what they've done but can they do it before someone dear to them pays the price?

#TheChopper #Horror #AuthorGeorginaHannan