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Katies Area

Katie's Area

Welcome to my area. I am author Katie  Mayo-Jackson. I've written YA, Sci-fi, Erotica and my newest endeavour is Murder Mystery. One of my fave genres to read so naturally I had to begin writing the genre too.

I was born on 04/05/1992 so I must be a Jedi as it is star Wars day. How can I not be? Right? Hehe.

I design covers for other authors too. I love it. A way to be creative when writing isn't what I need to do. I love taking pictures and alter them with others to make something epic for another writer. 

If want you can follow me on facebook. Mayo-Jackson
Or go to twitter and find me. @ANGEL_SHELDAYL
even Ingram! @katiemayo_jackson

See you guys soon! 

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