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Monday, 2 March 2015

Trixie Pierce' Sleigh Ride

So, I have been given the privilege to be one of the many covering the Sleigh Ride Promotions starting today, the 2nd March ‘til the 8th.

If you don’t already have your copy, go get yourselves one NOW!

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t read any of Trixies other books before, because Sleigh Ride is a standalone complex, you can get started right away, and then move on to any of her other great selections.

A little about the Author:
Although she hates writing bio's in third person, Trixie does love fast cars, fast men, and an enduring fascination with internal combustion engines. Living in the Rockies, she's traveled enough to know the mountains are home. When not working, she can be found with her head under the hood, or buried in the pages of her next novel.

Places you’ll find Trixie:
Trixie’s Other work:
Hard Ride (Novella) 
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Harvest Ride Book #1 in the Holiday Ride Trilogy 
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Sleigh Ride Holiday Ride Trilogy book #2 - Trixie Pierce.

v 151 pages.
v Publisher: Rough Road Productions (8 Feb. 2015).
v Sold by; Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.
v Amazon Bestsellers Rank; #312,629 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store).

~Synopsis ~

*Warning: Contains cute winter scenes, adorable critters, violence, blood, guns, plenty of cussing, sensual characters with a hard ass mentality, explicit sex, and a warped sense of humor. Enjoy!*

Winter Beauman left behind glitz, glamour, and the Manhattan skyline for a calmer existence in Wyoming. 
taking up welding, she built a life around the new talent in the tiny town, with no need to be anyone but herself.

Mason St. Croix spent five years alone reconciling the death of his wife, when he decided it was time to finally rejoin the living. Commissioning a custom sleigh to take presents to many of the children in town puts him face to face with the beautiful, and talented, Winter … making his long dormant libido roar to life.But someone in town doesn’t want Mason and Winter to be more than acquaintances, and are willing to kill to keep it that way. 
searching for answers reveals secrets best kept in the dark, ones that could tear them apart. Mason and Winter find they must accept the pain from the past, or lose the light of a happily ever after.

Ignoring it, his clothes had dried, and he dressed quickly. Making the bed, he walked into the living room to find Winter bundling into several layers, a snow shovel leaning against the door. “I’m just in time,” he smiled.
“Come on, let’s get this over with,” she returned the smile from under a knit cap and the dark blue parka’s hood. It made her light blue eyes burn a deeper color, and accentuated the red lips against the paleness of her skin.
Taking a deep breath, and glad his coat didn’t let her see the way his dick liked her, he followed outside.
Snow flurries swirled around them like a river, but it was light and the wind was easy. Unused to shoveling snow after buying a snowblower, he was breathing hard a foot from the porch. Winter continued, whistling. She bent over, and he noticed she wore jeans, low riders that gave him a glimpse of the dark blue g-string. His breathing escalated for another reason altogether.

Images of removing the slip of underwear with his teeth, nibbling and licking the skin, making her moan, caused his heart to beat hard enough to force him backwards. The wall of snow kept him upright. He worked hard to get the image out of his head, closing both eyes and counting to one hundred.“Are you okay? Do you need a break, Mason?  Mason? Are you okay?” her voice grew stronger, more urgent.
He opened to find her only a foot away, a hand on his chest. Swallowing the lump in his throat, he croaked, “Yes, I, I …”“Do you need to go inside?” 
She jerked off a glove and put a warm hand against his cheek. “You’re really hot, maybe we should go inside.”
The feel of her palm against his skin unlocked a dam. He shoved a hand into her hood, under the cap, grabbed a handful of the silky blonde hair, and pulled her head back. He stared into her eyes, gauging. “I’m going to kiss you, and kiss you hard, Winter. All you have to do is say yes.” His voice dropped several octaves, came out deep and harsh, much like his breathing.
“Yes,” she whispered, a puff of coffee laced breath gently pushing against his face.
It was all he needed. He took her mouth, pushing hard, forcing her to open to him. Taking advantage, he tasted her, the mocha laced coffee, and the underlying sweetness that was all Winter. Throwing the shovel to the side, he wrapped the other arm around her waist, jerking the soft body against his. Her moan vibrated against his mouth, and the imprisoned beast growled. Mine. Using his tongue, he showed her exactly what he wanted, in and out of her mouth, tasting every inch between thrusts, giving her little room to breathe or decide to end it. He wanted her to know exactly what he wanted, how he wanted it, and that she was going to enjoy every minute. Her hips moved against him, and the beast he thought died with Beth roared to life.
A mini Interview with Trixie Pierce: -

EW:I hope this finds you well and not under too much stress, no more than a writer would be in. What are you up to at this exact moment? What are your plans?

 TP:Preparing to work on New Ride! I am hoping to have it finished by the end of February. Other than that, today was the fun of helping people get their taxes done (I’m an accountant at a medium sized firm in a small town) and throwing wads of paper at the boss for stupid remarks. I was planning on heading to Ouray, Colorado for the weekend, but with the massive storm set to stall out over the area, I’ll probably stay home and write instead.

 EW:This novel (Sleigh Ride) is a standalone complex. For Readers who have not yet read your work before should not worry if they should start with this book before the others...
 - So, what is the difference with Sleigh Ride from the other Holiday Ride Trilogy book [Harvest Ride] (other than the obvious, character change and story line)?
- what can readers expect with Sleigh Ride?
And for your Readers...
- What is in this book (Sleigh Ride) to keep them thirsting for more?
- do you have any ideas, title for book three of the Holiday Ride trilogy yet? Are you still working on it, or no plans as of yet?

 TP:I wanted for every reader to be able to grab a book that caught their attention, without having to buy the ones before it.
Don’t get me wrong, I love a good series, but it can be frustrating to buy a book and then find out to really get the story line, every previous book has to be bought.
In the Holiday Ride Trilogy, well any book in the Ride series, I did weave a few characters in and out of each book, but you can read in any order. Or skip one if it doesn’t appeal, the reader will be just fine.
Harvest Ride was meant to be an “I need to get away from reality for lunch” read … although I loved the character Outlaw James. It isn’t overly heavy, and fairly simple.
Sleigh Ride, on the other hand, has a bit more to it – especially with the characters. Mason St. Croix hid a major part of himself out of fear nobody would understand, and Winter Beauman didn’t want people to know her past and use her for it – again.
It was interesting to see if they could accept each other for their true selves, especially since the person who emerged was almost a complete one-eighty from who each character initially started falling for.
Sleigh introduces the two characters for New Ride, Crystal and Harvey. Harvey is probably my favorite male character, with linear thoughts, and a complex personality – which clash from time to time ... I am working on New Ride (book three) right now, and plan to have it finished before March.

 EW:Are you personally educated in the professions:
Fabrication or Sculpture process marrying materials, of Metals or Thermoplastics?
Project Management in welding.
Architecture or Surveyancy Blue Print, Engineering design or Contact Prints?
If not, what type of research did you do (if any) for the welding role for Winter’s profession?

TP:I’ve done basic welding when helping my father work on cars, but nothing major.
Most of it I just went to Dad and asked LOL He used to teach at a local Vo-Tech in the 80’s, and if I got stuck on wording, or if the sleigh could be built, he was my go-to.
Winter as a welder was actually spawned because I have a cousin who sculpts using that particular medium.
She did tell me the female side of being a welder, and how she felt anytime she wasn’t able to get into her shop.

 EW:Have you ever been to Wyoming?
- If so what’s it like in your personal opinion.
- Any excellent features you’d recommend to someone who hasn’t been there.

 TP:I love Wyoming.
I have family in Cheyenne, Jackson, Rock Springs, and Sheridan, plus a few tiny towns that only recently can be found on a map.
If someone wants to head that way, make sure to hit Cheyenne Frontier Days in July. Don’t ever turn down a chance to stay in gorgeous Jackson, take a turn through Wild Horse Loop in Rock Springs (While you can, they are gathering all the mustangs as we speak and talking about closing the Loop).
Stay in Thermopolis and sit in the hot springs, go to Laramie for the views, and go as slowly as you can through Yellowstone.
Many of the Native American tribes have fairs, races, etc, and are a blast to watch as they do some serious trick riding, and the people in Wyoming are friendly.

 EW:That sounds awesome! I totally wish to go someday if I can get out of the damn UK lol
- So, tell us a little about Winter? (The Glitz, Glamour & Manhattan).
- Clearly someone from her past it trying to catch up with her.
- She is a Secret Millionaire as well huh? how one would keep that a secret for long?
- What type of business is she running?

 TP:Winter is a woman trying to hide who she really is, because in the past her status in Manhattan has caused a lot of pain. Moving to Wyoming was her attempt to reinvent who she was.
The business she inherited was really a patchwork of companies her father had created, but unlike many, he didn’t go public, wanting to keep it in the family. Which is part of Winter’s problem.
And in Wyoming, keeping who you are a secret really isn’t all that hard! Even in a small town.
The people of Wyoming truly have a Live and Let Live mentality. They will all come together to help, but for the most part, as long as you aren’t harming anyone, they aren’t very nosy. A big reason I chose that state as the foundational setting.

 EW:Mason St. Croix – Local stud, Math Teacher and Swimming Coach, Widower, Volunteer Santa, and Horse Lover ...
– Is there anything this man does not do!
- He rescues horses, nurses them back to full health; does he breed them too?
- Widower! How did it happen and why has his wife’s family become estranged?
- Are you a horse lover yourself?

TP:He has many secrets!
And no, he doesn’t breed :)
He, like Winter, left for Wyoming in search of a new start. One of the things not mentioned in the book was that his mother raised and trained horses, and he rediscovered his love for them when he moved west.
And Yes, I do love horses. I have an uncle who breeds and trains Quarter Horses on his ranch in NE Colorado, but I only have a little place with no room for one. Maybe someday.
His wife, Beth, is a major part of the plot, and what happened is revealed in the book. I can tell you, her death was her own fault for trying to push a gelding to do something he wasn’t ready to, and she was preoccupied with proving she was right.
Her family blamed Mason for her death, among many other things he learns in the second half.

 EW:Crystal:- Woodwork shop owner, Buds with Winter, she convinces Winter to go take a run at Mason while she can...
- Does Crystal also have a thing for Mason, or is it strictly professional once Winter makes her move?
- Give us a little background to Crystal, what is her story?

 TP:No, Crystal sees Mason as cute, but not her type. She is probably the youngest character I’ve written yet, and her story is in New Ride. 

Go get your copy of Sleigh Ride now!

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