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Thursday, 16 April 2015


Hi guys welcome, how are you both?
 So how are things?

Kai: *smiles brightly* “We’re good Thanx for asking. This is exciting.”

Titan: *laces hands with Kai placing them on his upper thigh* “It’s an honor to be here, thank you for having us.”

Kai - How did you feel when you first set your eyes on Titan?

Kai: “Do I have to answer that?”
*Kai giggles and blushes.*
“Can’t I avoid that one?”

Louise: “Sorry, you have to.”

Kai: “Okay I’ll try, just cause you asked so nicely…um…Well I was startled at first cause he is so big in muscle build, but I felt very safe and in a place and moment where I belong. And his blue eyes just melted me. But most of all I saw hero.”

Titan - what about you, what did you think when you first saw Kai?

Titan: “Five things: She is everything money can’t buy. My dick saluted everything about her. Wife. Found the girl who gets to claim the front passenger seat with me. Call my personal jeweller I need engagement ring design options by Monday afternoon.” *titan chuckles*

Kai: “Seriously? A ring? Wait…did you buy it already?” *kai asks shocked*

Titan: “Maybe…” He winks.

Kai - what did you think when you first met the league?

Kai: “They are all so much fun and nice. I liked them. They made me and my friends feel welcome at the club house. I totally loved them. Zyler made me laugh the most. He is one of my best friends now. Lorenzo scares me, he still does, but he has a soft heart toward women though. And Lucian and Luigi were very interested in everything about, and most of all Danté teased me a lot. He still does.”

Titan - What goes through your head when you are behind the wheel of the car at the races?

“Get to the finish line. Win this. It has become a natural ride for me when I start that engine. I feel the rush, I feel the mechanics working. Racing is an event and must be treated as such; therefore your mind set much change too. I lose myself and focus on why I do this. For the thrill. For the illegality of it all and cause having your destiny in the palm of your hands is the ultimate motivation. It only takes me believing that I can finish first nobody else. But me. And as of lately it’s getting back to Kaidence.” *Titan lift their latched hands kissing the back of her hand as she smiles*

Both - what is it that attracts you to each other?

Titan: “Can I answer this first, baby?”  

Kai: “yes sure.”

Titan: “The purification. The passion and the pleasure that she makes me feel. And most of all her touch. Plus she knows how much I love her body. She finds out every night now that my leg-cast is off.”

Kai: *bites lip as she tugs on her 143 collana* “You make me shy babe, okay my turn…He makes me feel strong and sexy and his abs and muscles. He knows I love that about him. Oh and his smile. But mostly the way he takes control with me and makes me his. The claim he has. He truly treats like a queen to his king every day. I like that. ”

Kai – what’s it like having this hunk for a boyfriend?

Titan: “Oh this should be good!”

Kai: “Next question please!” *Kai closes her eyes and blushes*

Titan: “Kai-doll answer the question…”

“Kai: “You ask really hard questions, Louise.” *Kai comments playfully.*

Kai: “I love it. I love him and having him in my life has been the best ever. He intimidates me a lot. And I’m learning to work around it. But love makes you look beyond things and understand stuff about your lover that no one else will. He is a leader and he comes with that…and as for the hunk part, it has become a little difficult with the new girls attending the races lately who don’t know we are in a serious relationship and they try to flirt. But I quickly remind them, who he belongs to.”

Titan - what is it like to have this beautiful lady for your girlfriend?

“She is the reason I love life so much.”

Both - how did you feel when you met each others parents for the first time?

Titan: “Ladies first.”

Kai: “I loved them all. His mom is amazing and his dad was such a humble man. They made me feel so welcome. Persephone is just the best.”

Titan. “Well I met her dad on our first date. He warned me instantly about her. The second after he told me to take a seat. And I saw the gun in his pocket too when he answered the door. So that was fun. He is very protective of her. I could feel the love and closeness he has with her from his words alone. But her mom was just simply amazing.”

Kai. “I forgot about the gun he had!” *Kai laughs.*

Kai - Valentina was a real witch towards you how do you feel about what she accused you of then and how are things with her now?

“I was mad and shocked. But when Titan told me about her story. I fully understood. Things with her now are much, much better. She asked me to be one of the god mothers to her twin girls and we went shopping a few times too. She changed and she knows I love her brother very much.”

Titan - how did you feel when Kai told you what your sister said to her? What was running through your head?

“I was livid. I couldn’t believe she would do such a thing. I mean, I knew what type of person she is but that actually threw me senseless. Valentina feels that she needs to protect me, but I spoke to her and everything is okay again.”

Kai- when did you know it was love with Titan?

“At the wedding. When we had our first dance together. It was like heart meets beat. I knew then instantly.” *kai smiles at him and they kiss softly*

Titian- what about you, when we it true love for you with Kai?

“When she bit me when we made love for the first time. I knew in that exact moment that I loved her. My hearts lock met its key.”

Kai: “143”

Titan: “143 Kai-Doll.”

Kai - how do you feel when you see Titan behind the wheel of a fast car, what runs through your mind?

“Don’t die I still want your babies. *Kai giggles*

Titan - how did you feel knowing you kept secrets from kai knowing full well you told her not to lie?

“Regretful decision. It haunted me a lot. I was locked in by an oath. It was not only part of my life history but my league members as well. That was the only lie I ever told her. It shall not happen again.”

Kai- How did you feel about the whole thing with titan lying, now knowing the reason he lied to you?

“My heart was broken when he couldn’t tell me when I found out. But after I heard it, I understood it fully. It’s a deep dark secret, not some silly issue. It was a concrete oath. It never changed my love for him. Not by any measure. I adore how he protects them. That was nothing but honorable in my books.” *Kai looks at him lovingly as Titan smiles back her.*

Titan- you put your life in danger when you raced against the boy who threatened to take your love away. Why be so stupid and do it nearly killing yourself in the process?

“When you find someone who breaks you open, affects your feelings, when you see your destiny and her at the finish line, you fight for them. Besides, she earned it.

Kai- How did you feel when you saw him go over the edge, what was running through your head?

*Kai closes her eyes before speaking*
“I literally lost my ability live. I thought I lost him. I thought he was dead. Danté tried to call him but there was no video. It will always the worst moment of my life. If he died that day, I was going with him. We see the afterlife together.”

Titan: “We burn together.”

Kai: “Just like your Tattoo.”

*Kai places her head on his shoulder*

Titan- if you didn't race cars what else would you do?

“Direct porn movies.”

*they both laugh*

Kai- would you ever consider getting behind the wheel of a fast car and racing like Titan does?

“No. I’ll let him be king of that world. I like being his biggest cheerleader.”

Titan - where do you see your future going with kai?

“Six children. Then marriage. Then one more baby not born outside marriage.” *Titan laughs as Kai slaps his arm playfully*

Kai: “No!”

Titan: “And why not?”

Kai: “I want ten kids, babe!”

*they both laugh*
Kai- what is the most romantic thing Titan has done for you?

“That’s an easy one...He prayed for me in front of me.”

*Kai fiddles with the Collana on her neck*

Thank you for joining me today.

Titan: “It was an honor Louise.” *Titan engulfs me in a hug*

Kai: “No thank you, it was a pleasure.” *Kai gives a second hug before they leave*

Monday, 6 April 2015

Rachel Van Dyken Books



Hi Rachel, it's been almost ten months since I interviewed 
 you last. In that time you have been a very busy lady not 
just with new releases but you became a mom,
 congratulations. How is your little man? 

 He's really great!! Growing like a little weed,
 I swear he eats like a horse!

As I have mentioned you have released loads of books since we spoke last, Which ones were you most looking forward to your readers reading the most?

 Oh wow, I always look forward to the mafia books releasing, I feel like they have a certain excitement and romance that some of my other books don't have.

Can you tell us what you been up to since we last spoke 
back in June 2014?

 Oh wow...Writing. Lots of writing! Haha, I've been working hard trying to get ahead of the curve with my last few releases so I wouldn't' be stressed with having the baby. I have two books releasing this Spring followed by another 6 consecutive releases which is a bit crazy but hey, that's how I like it!

All your readers have their favorite series of yours whether it's the hot rockers in seaside series , the sexy mafia bosses in the elite eagle series or the crazy comical granny in the bet series or one of you brilliant historical series.
 Which one is your favorite? 

 I love the sexy mafia bosses ;)

Now that you have your little man have you thought about maybe writing children's books for him? 

I've had a few people ask me that, i think I may try it but when I have time, right now things are still a bit chaotic!

What do you like to do in your spare time when your 
not busy writing ?

 I love reading, which sounds like work after you've been writing all day, but its really what I love to do!

I don’t know how you do it . You are new mom and your still writing loads of amazing stories that your readers can't get enough of like you did before you became a mom. You really are a inspirational woman, how do you do it?

  HAHA I don't sleep. Kidding ;) I just try to write when I can, during his naps, or during the times when he's playing by himself :)

Have you ever thought of writing a book with hubby, 
I'm sure he must have some amazing idea's with
 a awesome author for his wife? 

HAHA we've actually discussed it but with things being so crazy right now it's kind of hard.

What do you have coming up in the next few months 
with new projects?

 The Consequence of Loving Colton releases really soon, I'm in love with that book b/c it's such a fun read, i also have another stand alone in that series releasing a month and a half later.

How many more books can readers look forward to in the seaside series?

 At least 3 more

Do you had any funny experiences you would like to share from author events? 

Haha most my author events are fun and funny, I love meeting readers, it's such a blast!

What was your favorite book growing up as a child? 

Oh wow, The Velveteen Rabbit, though it always made me cry!

Are your stories old ones you have saved on your computer or new?

 All new. The old ones don't sound like me anymore so they just collect dust on the desktop instead.

Is there anything that you would never write about 
in your books?

 Wow I've never thought of that before, I try to stay away from taboo subjects or things I don't know a lot about.

How do you come up with your titles for the books? 

Sometimes I come up with titles first which probably sounds a bit strange, but I'm a huge title person. If I can't come up with anything, I'll talk to my cover artist or beta reader or ask people to vote.

Thank you so much for joining me again Rachel it's been really good catching up with you again.

Thanks for having me!

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