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Friday, 20 March 2015

Thaddeus and Xaviera interview

Good afternoon Xaviera and Thaddeus how are you guys?

Xaviera: We're doing okay

Thaddeus: Sure, I guess we're okay.

Xaviera : What is it like growing up as the princess and the future queen of your people and is it hard living by the rules?

My parents raised me to put Unit first. I had a normal life like any other girl, expect I didn't have boyfriends and did a lot of training to hone my power. The rules aren't hard to live by, it's just something that we have to do in Unit.

Thaddeus:Is it hard living in the unit and living by the rules?

No, it's not hard to live in Unit. The Rules are there to protect us and we have to obey them.

Both:What is the hardest rule for you both?

Xaviera: For me, each Rule (on it's own level) is hard to follow. But, you learn to adjust with them.

Thaddeus: I think that is the best way to say it.

Both: How do you feel about the whole matched thing (arranged marriage )?

Xaviera: For me it's scary and exciting. It's scary because you don't know who it is, but exciting because you don't know who it is. You've waited for twenty years to see you Matched is and then your how life changes.

Thaddeus: I don't know how it is for Unit Girls, but for Unit Guys it's very nerve wrecking. Almost every Unit Guy between the ages of 20 to 25 goes to party after party with the hint that maybe it's his time to be called, but most of the time you go home without your name called.

Thaddeus:Why did you push Xaviera away when it was announced she was your match?

Xaviera: I did it for two reasons: 1) I was shocked that this girl I had a crush on for so long was going to be mine, that I was afraid I would hurt her. And 2) my mother promised me that I wasn't Matched.

Both: After you were both matched when did you realize you started to have feelings for each other?

Xaviera: I started feeling it on our trip to the mall, when he held my hand for the first time. I officially knew when we had our first kiss.

Thaddeus: I knew when I was 15. I've loved her since then.

Both: Why did you feel so embarrassed when your parents confronted you about being intimate together?

Xaviera: I didn't want my parents to know that we had been together yet. And, it's my parents, I don't want them to think about me in that way.

Thaddeus: Exactly.

Thaddeus: Why didn’t you tell Xaviera the truth about Amaya?

I didn't think she would fine out. I figured since Amaya never said anything that it was in the past and I'd moved past it.

Xaviera: How did you feel when you found out about Thaddeus that he lied to you and also your so called friend and protector lied too?

I was hurt, mad, sad, infuriated. I couldn't even see straight when Amaya told me and I confronted Thaddeus. She was my best friend and Protector and he was my Matched. They were the two people that shouldn't have hurt me. I trusted them the most.

Thaddeus: What was running through your head when you found out Xaviera was pregnant with your child?

Shock. I knew that we had used anything, but I thought it wouldn't happen to us. I know it's silly, but I wasn't thinking about anything like that.

Xaviera: How did you feel when you found out you were pregnant with Thaddeus's baby.What were your first thoughts?

The whole day was a blur because of everything that was happening. Mostly I was scared because I didn't want to raise our baby alone, but Thaddeus had broken the Rules and there had to be punishments handed down.

Thaddeus: What was running through your head when you heard what your punishment was?

I thought I would never see her again, or our baby. I didn't want to leave her alone.

Xaviera: Why did you decide to give Thaddeus and Amaya light punishments after what they did to you? Surely you want them to pay for the lies?

The punishments were not as light as you might think. They couldn't come back to Unit for all that time or talk to anyone but the ones I assigned them too. I wanted them to feel as bad as I did, but I also knew there was more under the surface and I hope they both figure it out.

Thaddeus: Do you think Xaviera will ever forgive you for
 the lies ?

I don't know. I will have to wait and see when I come back to Unit.

Xaviera: Do you think you will ever forgive Thaddeus and what do you plan on doing while he's gone?

I'm doing a lot of thinking while he is gone. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Both:Have you thought about any baby names?

Xaviera: I have a few, but nothing yet.

Thaddeus: Not really.

Xaviera: What does Thaddeus need to do to make it up to you?

I don't know. I've never been in this before. I know that he'll figure it out and I will too.

Thaddeus: What are you going to do to make it up to Xaviera?

Everything and anything that I have too.

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