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Friday, 20 March 2015

mary smith follow up interview

Where did the idea for Royal love's unit matched 1 come from?

It came from me watching too many reality TV shows. I decided that each would be cool and mashed them all together.

When you wrote this book who did you envision as you two leads Xaviera and Taddeus?

For Xaviera I saw Chloe Grace Moretz the most (with darker hair though)

For Thaddeus I saw Theo James (Hello Hotness)

What about the supporting characters Gia,Amaya, Oliver and Graham ?

For Amaya it was Jennifer Lawernce 
(but with different hair)

For Gia it was Maia Mitchell

For Oliver it was Chase Crawford (but taller)

For Graham it was Liam Hemswoth

What was harder to come up with the plots for this story or was one of your many other books harder?

This wasn't as hard once I got the outline set out. It was easier because I made up the world in Unit.

What are your personal thoughts about this book?

I personally love this book, because there was so much love and heartache.

Who is your favorite character in this book?

Such a tough question, but for this one it will be Xaviera. She's lovable, sweet, strong, and will do anything for her friends.

When can readers expect the next book which is Amaya and Olivers story?

Amaya's story will be out on April 10th

Will Xaviera and Thaddeus get another book?

There is a small story at the end of Amaya's book. They will also be a HUGE part of book 3, which is Gia's story.

Would you ever cross this book series with any of your other awesome books?

No, because this is paranormal and my other are not. It would  be interesting though.

How many books will there be in this series?

There will be three books. Book 1 is Xaviera. Book 2 is Amaya. Book 3 is Gia's.

What is next for you?

For my solos, my projects are the Unit books, a New Adult College Football standalone (American Football), and a contemporary romance book about an arranged marriage

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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