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Friday, 13 March 2015

Love survives review

Love survives is Brooks 's p.o.v from the previous  book
 Loves Suicide.

This was heartbreaking, Brooks suffered so much heartache and you can't help but feel so sorry
 for him all the pain he went through. He loved Katy his whole life for her not to open
 her eyes and see whats really in front of her and his brother what a total jackass, for being so manipulative. Really didn't like him.

We see everything  that brooks went through from when
 they were all kids right up until his life in the forces.
life on the front line is hard and Brooks makes 
some hard choices while he's out there.

 I was teary reading  the first book but by the end of it I was balling my eyes out, so much
 raw emotions, real gut wrenching at times. This one will tug at the heartstrings.

I have read all but one of Jennifer Foor's books and 
enjoyed them all. But this one felt more real like
 you were seeing the events through the characters eyes.
 highly recommend this, 
congratulations Jennifer i love this one.


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