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Sunday, 18 January 2015



This is the sequel to OFF YOUR ROCKER by K E OSBORN.

I have read so many books that deal with pregnancy but this one wow oh wow. I could not wait to sink my teeth in to this book and it certainly didn't disappoint, I was hooked yet again by the story from the beginning like I was with the previous book.

 What the lead character's Colt and Lia go through will leave you on the edge of your seats. Out off all the pregnancy books I have read not once have they left me feeling so emotional like this one did, I wanted to jump in the book and just give Lia a hug. I was in tears reading this my heart broke for Lia, and the shit she had to deal with I am surprised she didn't have a nervous break down. I won't lie Colt does deserve a good slap for the way he reacts but he comes good.

Will they get their happy ever after you will have to read the book for yourself, but what I will say is have your tissues at the ready because you will need them.
I loved this book and I did not want it to come to a end this certainly did rock my socks off !!

18TH JAN 2015

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