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Friday, 10 October 2014


Ella has gotten into a accident that left her crippled and scared for life, cinder is secretly a heart throb and everyone is conspiring against them .
Ella has a really hard life, after the accident she has to go and live with her father that she hasn’t seen or talked to since she was eight year old and his new family.
The kids at her new school are heartless towards and her. Ana her one stepsister is a right witch, she is not only horrible towards Ella but she tries ruin her life anyway that she can. Ella’s only friend is cinder458, her best friend. He is a boy she has known through her blog for 3 years but Cinder is not who he says he is. when fate steps in how will Ella react when she finds out exactly who the real cinder is?
This story is like nothing I have ever read before, I have heard the cinderella story told in many different ways. but the way Kelly oram has wrote it is the best one I have come across, its a modern day twist on a very classic fairytale.
 the story was beautifully written, the way cinder reacts when they meet was so sweet, tender and passionate. He was really caring considering every thing that she went through. 
This is a story of love loss and pain. This has to be  the one book i reckon that needs to be made into a movie A.S.A.P, everyone is going to love this story.
 This one was the first book I have read by Kelly and i can be 100% sure I will be downloading  MANY more of her books.
highly recommended read, 5/5 star rating
Make sure you go to amazon and preorder now, CINDER & ELLA releases 1st october.
L.M @author2authorblogchat

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