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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Author Gracen Miller by Louise

Author interview 


Gracen Miller 



1, Tell us a little about yourself? 

Erm…I hear voices in my head that I call “characters”. Coffee aka Nectar of the Gods is liquid sanity and should be one of the five food groups! I’m a mother of two very active boys (17 and 12) and I have been married 23 years, but we’ve been together 25.

2, How would you discribe  your books?
Hmm…emotional, because I work very hard at jamming each novel with as much emotion as I can so the reader can relate to the characters. I also like badass heroines who don’t take BS from anyone.

3,What genre is your work mainly? Do you tend to stay in the same vein or are you hoping (if not already ) to explore new ventures?

I write in multiple genres (NA romance, erotic romance, pararomance—horromance in my lingo because it’s a mix of horror and romance), but I’ve written more paranormal romances than any other genre.

4,Share with us a quote from one of your favourite characters in your books?

I’ll share two…

1) “Reality check…I’m a rock star, Samantha Collins, I always get what I want.” He leaned forward just enough their breaths mingled. The dark outline of the cross that was inked onto his shoulder and collarbone area peeked from the collar of his T-shirt. “I. Want. You.” ~ Heath “Fang” Fangor from Rockin’ the Heart (Hot Wired #1), it’s a New Adult romance
2) “Purr for me, kitten, or show me your claws.” ~ Micah Dominus from the Road to Hell series (pararom aka horromance)

5,Is it hard to come up with new idea's and / or plot's?

No, not really. I mean I struggle at times with a concept, but typically a story writes itself. 

6, What inspired you to write your first book?

I’d known since middle school I wanted to write books. But jobs and family got in the way of writing. Not until I quit work to take care of my children did I go back to writing full-time. Mostly it’s the character’s voice that keeps chattering away that inspires me to write any book.

7,Who is the easiest character to write for and Why? Hardest and why? 

Easiest would be Elias from the Road to Hell series because he has zero morals and there are no limits with him, so I’m never thinking, “is that something he’d really do?” Hardest would be Zen from the Road to Hell series because he doesn’t show his emotions, but keeps them bottled up inside. The say ‘still waters run deep’ would definitely apply to Zen.

8,Without giving anything away, what is / are your favourite scenes in your book(s)?

My favorite scenes are the more graphic ones, like when in Hell and the torture scenes in the Road to Hell series. Easy-peasy because it doesn’t take much effort to inflict emotion in the reader with those. Sex scenes are damned difficult to capture the essence of emotions and convey them to the reader. Want to see how good a writer you are, write a sex scene that engages the reader.

9, Do you have any hobbies? 

Nectar of the gods (aka coffee)—okay that’s an addiction, but I like to think of it as a hobby. Other hobbies include my family (includes my 3 dogs), reading, Supernatural the TV show, and Alabama football…not necessarily listed in order of priority.

10,Do you have a specific writing style? 

Not really. I just write because I’d be in a straightjacket drooling in the corner if I didn’t.

11, How did you come up with the titles of your books? 

Titles always relate to the book in some way.

12, How much of the book is 
realistic? Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life? 

Gosh, no, none of them are based on real events!!

13, What books have most influenced your life most? 

In elementary school, I loved the Boxcar Children. In high school I read a lot of Stephen King, and the Flame and the Flower by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss was my first romance book at the age of 14.

14,If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor? 

None. I have authors I love and adore, that I chat with and ask advice from on occasion, but none have really mentored me. When I first became published “indie author” was a dirty word, so many of the NY published authors wouldn’t have anything to do with me. Some were downright hateful, and critical. Thanks to that snobbery, I tend to stick mostly to indie authors when I read.

15, What book are you reading now? 

Exquisite Trouble by Ann Mayburn (probably already finished by the time this airs).

16, What are your current projects? If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book? 

I just finished Lost in the Beat, Hot Wired #2. I’m currently finishing up the last of Royal Partnerships (Road to Hell #4). There are things I’d change in the Road to Hell series if I had it to do all over again, but there’s nothing I’d change in my latest Hot Wired book.

17, Do you recall how your interest in writing originated? 

Yep…my 6th grade English Teacher gave us a writing assignment as homework. I’ve been writing ever since. I owe Mrs. Syler everything for introducing me to my writing addiction.

18, Can you share a little of your current work with us? 

From Lost in the Beat (Hot Wired #2)—it’s an unedited version, so it will alter in edits.

“I took the liberty I programing my cell number into it. Sam and Fang’s are in there too. I also set up an M-Tunes account for you and I downloaded all of Hot Wired’s songs to it. It ain’t right you don’t know our music.”

Every cell in her body wanted to rebel on principal. Like the good girl she was, she succumbed to his demands. “Do you ever not get what you want?”

“Yeah.” He stepped right into her personal space, knocking his very naked chest against her breasts. The way her nipples protruded upon contact, they might as well have been naked against his flesh. The simultaneous dampness in her panties unnerved her. Damn her traitorous body! She ignored the pulsing between her thighs and coerced her libido to focus on him and not her body’s yearnings. He lifted his hand and wrapped his fingers around her ponytail. A slow, gentle pull on her hair and he notched her head back. “Twice last year I didn’t get what I wanted.” He sounded put out by the inconvenience.

Proof he lives a charmed life! That was as good as always getting his way in her valuation. She’d endured many more disappointments than that in the past year.

His sapphire blue eyes looked black in the dim lighting. “Care to know what those two were?”

19, Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing? 

Sex scenes for the reason I stated above.

20, Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work? 

I can’t name one favorite author, but all of them make me connect with the character in some way, regardless if it’s paranormal or contemporary romance.

21, Who designed the cover?

Different people for the Road to Hell series, but both books in the Hot Wired series and Tabook Kisses are designed by Andrea Kozari. She’s a cover art goddess!

22, What was the hardest part of writing your book? 

None that come to mind, except maybe carving out free time from family and life to make the time to write. There are a thousand other things that need doing, so I have to just let the housework slide (or other things unimportant things) if I’m going to get writing accomplished.

24, Do you have any advice for other writers  ? 

Write what you love and never give up, even if it takes years to write your book. Your dreams are important, so never allow anyone to discourage you.

25, Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? 

I love y’all to pieces and you’re the only reason I continue to write. Seriously…y’all are the only reason I write. Y’all make the time and effort to write worth the dedication.

26, What is your favourite genre to write? 

All that I’ve written in are fantastic genres. I can’t say I love writing one genre over the other. Contemporary is easier to write, but I enjoy paranormal world building, so it’s a nice balance.

27, What is your favourite genre to read?
Paranormal romance.

28, How long have you been writing? 

Professionally since 2010, but unprofessionally since I was 13.

29, Do you have a favourite 

Underworld and Dirty Dancing

30, How difficult is it to come up with one of your amazing plots? 

Plots introduce themselves to me. lol I don’t know how else to explain it, but I get a seed of an idea and BAM I have an entire story being mapped out in my head like a paver laying bricks one at a time.

31, How about characters? Are they easily born and developed? 

I get to know the characters as the reader does, so it’s an evolving process. 
32,How long does it take you to complete a novel from concept to completion? 

Depends on the story. Shortest time was 1 month. Longest was 2 years.

33, What  was your first published piece? And how was it to publish your first ever book? 

My first published piece was The Devil’s Den. It’s no longer available because the publisher went belly up. Publishing the first is always the most memorable because, for me, it was the first time I’d ever had anyone believe in my writing. Not even family members ever believed I’d succeed as a published author.

34, Have you ever trashed a novel or story before or after finishing it, feeling it wasn't turning out as you planned?

Yes, I have 2 books on my computer right now that are completed, but have never been published.

35,  Do you have a special time or place to write? 

Nah…I tend to write during the day while the kids are at school, but I’ll steal any free chance I have to write. I’ve been known to write on my cell phone in an email to myself from the ballpark.

36, Any funny experiences or quirks you'd like to share with your readers? 

Funnies thing I think I ever did was call my dog by my character’s name. lol

37,Which one of your awsome books would you like to see made in to a movie? 

Road to Hell series

38, What is your favourite band or artist? 

Favorite band is Pop Evil and Papa Roach

39,What is the worst job that you have ever done and why? 

Paralegal for a divorce lawyer. Nightmare!! I’m not mentally designed to handle that type of drama and bickering.

40, Do you ever get ideas at random moments, and if so how do you hang on to them? 

All the time. I email the ideas to myself or put them in the notes section of my ipad or cell.

41, Can you write on demand and under pressure, or do you need time and space before the creativity starts to flow? 

Time and space. Under pressure makes my muse go silent.

42, How would you overcome writers block? 

I usually read a book or watch hours and hours of TV. Otherwise, writer’s block just takes time to get over.

Thank you for this awsome interview and we will look forward
to reading more of you work  :-)

Thanks for having me!!

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