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Friday, 15 August 2014

ALEX & SALLY interveiw


12th August

SALLY- What  do you think of the  boys now and have your
opinions of strippers changed?


I think of them like brothers, with the exception of Alex of course! And yes,
my opinion has changed. I used to think they were shallow and vain
but they’re incredibly hard working and talented.


ALEX- What is the most Romantic  thing you have done for Sally?

That would be telling, but I might have re-enacted a scene with her
from one of her favourite books  ;-)

SALLY- Where do you plan on living  now?


I’ve moved into Alex’s spare room for now, not that I spend much time
sleeping in there, but it’s given me a little breathing space to think
about writing that book I wanted to write.



ALEX - How are Tiny and his fiancée  settling in and does that give
you any idea's  for the future?


Tiny is so funny when he’s with Alison, she sure rules the roost.  
It’s far too early to think about that as Sally and I have only just got together,
but let’s just say never say never.

SALLY- How did you feel when Alex pulled you up on stage
and he dropped that blindfold?

I didn’t know whether to be mortified at being on stage or to give in to temptation,
which was one hell of a hot experience being blindfolded by him.

ALEX - How do you see your future with the Naked Night’s and
are you planning on doing that 'sock' routine again?

The sock routine is a regular part of the act for me, I just don’t go quite as far as
 I did with Sally that night.  I’ve got no plans to leave Naked Night’s
although I know Tiny keeps threatening to quit.

SALLY- How would you describe each of the boys in Naked Night’s?


Alex is a god, Tiny is a gentle giant, Eric is quite strict – I’d love to see him let
 loose at some point and the other guys are a good laugh.

ALEX - What did you think of Sally when she first stepped on to that tour bus?
And how would you describe her then and now. Has she changed?

She looked scared when she first stepped on the bus.  Now she’s so comfortable
around all of us.  She’s letting go of some of her inhibitions and
the real Sally is coming out.  She’s a lot more fun.

SALLY- Do you ever regret going on tour with the hot Naked Night’s
boys after everything you have seen?


No, even if Alex and I hadn’t ended up together it was a great experience.
If nothing else it’s taught me to be less 

BOTH- WHAT is your favourite  toy in the bedroom? 


ALEX - Have you had any close encounters with fans of the naked Night's,  
maybe a stalker or ten?

Luckily no, shame the same can’t be said about Guido, he had a granny stalking
him the other month. Then again I don’t interact with fans outside of the meet and greet.

SALLY- Do you ever  feel jelous when alex  has girls  up on Stage with their
hands all over his Hot body? 

I used to, but now I know he comes home to me it’s not as bad.

ALEX- How did you feel when the guys in Naked Night’s thought you were gay? 

I didn’t know they did, so it was just that moment of surprise.
I guess you could say I felt sore as I was so shocked Sally managed to get a punch in.

SALLY- Is Alex as hot in bed as he is on the stage  working  those moves? 


BOTH - Will we be hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet or wedding belles from you guys anytime soon? Would you like to have kids? 


No. We’ve literally just got together, it’s too soon to think that far ahead.



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