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Monday, 28 July 2014

SHADES & LETTY interview with Louise

I am pleased to welcome  two rockers from one of the

 hotest rock bands in the country.  Please welcome from Killer buzz float. 

(photo's belong to there individual owners)


By Louise Evans

SHADES • You are one Hot bad ass rockstar with a cocky ass attitude. What did you think when you first saw Letty in the bar?

"Hot chick, great tits, bad attitude, and tattoos? She’s right up my alley."

LETTY• You are a real bad ass rock chick what did you think of shades  when you first met him?

"The fact that he was willing to let me peg him with a strap-on certainly won me over. Aside from that, I thought, 'Orgasm. Must have one. And look. Orgasm donor ahead. Perfect.'"

SHADES&LETTY• When you to are in the same room you are like fireworks on 4th July just waiting to explode.  Is it always like that between you?

*Looking at each other* "Pretty much.” *Giggling*

LETTY•Is Shades a rock god in the bedroom as he is on the stage? All our readers would like to know.

*Grinning* "He’s all right."

SHADES&LETTY• How did you feel when RAX joined you behind the bus?

Shades: "Surprised at first, but it was groovy once we got into it.”

Letty: “Being used by two hot dudes like that was one of my top five sexual experiences. Totally fuckin’ awesome."

SHADES•What was going through your head when you saw Letty Rocking out on the stage for the first time?

“I hope I can get rid of this raging boner before Killer Dixon gets onstage or shit’s gonna be embarrassing."

SHADES&LETTY• When was the first time that you loved each other?

Shades: “Depends on your definition of love. I loved banging Letty in that hotel room in Athens.”

Letty: “And I loved clubbing your ass that night with my womancock. So, love at first sight, right?”

BONUS - WHAT is next for you both?

More touring, more song writing, and lots of fucking in public places. :-)

Thank you SHADES & LETTY for coming today, you both be fantastic to interview. 

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